Effects of Being a Pregnant Teen

-Teen pregnancy is one the most difficult experiences a young girl can a have. It ruins your social life and even your health. You wont be able to go to prom..school dances..and even hang out night with your friends. You health would drop because you haven't fully grown and your body is adjusting quickly to the changes.
-85% of teen pregnancy's aren't planned and 7.2% of girls don't get prenatal care.
-18.6% of girls don't even know their pregnant and harm their unborn child by drinking and smoking causing future brain damage for the baby.
-Most teen moms go through stress because they cant afford what they need and their friends have abandoned them because you cant do the same things you used to when you didn't have a child.
-Many teen mothers are often left alone because people are too ashamed to be with them. But the truth is people should look at the boys the same way but they Don't.